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About us

About Virtual Chemistry Lab

This work is to create a virtual environment for students to conduct their chemistry practicals using Computer Simulation Techniques in Nigeria. The Author is the first Nigerian Digital chemist who has taught computer applications in chemistry (Computational Chemistry) over a period of ten years in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri in Imo State, with many years of experience.

Dr. Sam Okore (C.E.O.)

About the C.E.O.

The author of this website holds a Doctorate Degree in Digital chemistry with a bias in Molecular Graphics from Atlas University USA and is a member of many professional bodies including Computer Society of Nigeria and Computer Registration Council of Nigeria with many publications both in local and International journals. The author will be willing to assist users in simulation of chemistry practicals and will come to the aid of any institution through his technical staff, with the aim to make this work a realistic simulation in Nigeria and to help in the development of science and technology in our educational system.

I need educational grants and support from the Federal Ministry of Education and from Ministry of Science and Technology as well as educational aids and grants from abroad to enhance this project. I will further appreciate donations from donor agencies from home and abroad in order to support this work for the service of God and humanity.

Mission Statement

It has been observed that there is a fallen standard in our educational system in relation to core subjects like chemistry. Our chemical industrial market is populated with fake and adulterated chemicals. In this situation, it has been seen that our future generations are in the lake of water with many crocodiles. In other to save this situation I had to develope a personal initiative to host chemistry practicals on the internet. This work will help institutions in Nigeria particularly the National Open University, Nigerian University Commission and other institutions abroad. Such institutions will find this work very useful for the conduct of their chemistry practical sessions on the web. There are many exercises given that will improve the standard of chemistry practicals. The work will help our Technologists, Lecturers, and students both undergraduates and postgraduates to conduct their chemistry practicals more effectively. This work is the first Cyber Space chemistry practical in the world wide web, that links all the tertiary institutions in the country to a common virtual classroom, thereby reducing the cost and the usage of hazardous chemicals in the country. It is the first web Unified Cyber Space Chemistry practical. The educational materials can be assessed free of charge with little subscriptions for research and training of our Technical staff drawn from students in the Department of Chemistry Federal Polytechnic Nekede and other tertiary institutions in the country.


On behalf of the academic community in Nigeria, I thank Brian F. Woodfield and Mathew C. Asfund from Brigham Young University and Steven Harderlie of Springvilla High school and Person Prentice hall Incorporated for using their educational materials and chemistry tool kit for the development of this website. I am also grateful to Theodore L. Brown, University of Illinois, H. Eugene LeMay, University of Nevada and Bruce E. Bursten from the Ohio state University. I also extend my gratitude to my erudite Professor of Physical Chemistry, Professor A.A Abia from the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, and other Professors of blessed memory who laid the mathematical foundation for me to be the first Nigerian Computational Chemist. The work will not be complete without mentioning some key actors like the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), particularly my Imo State Chapter for their academic interactions and the ample opportunities given to me for the publication of my educational materials in computational chemistry. Others include my parents, particularly my Dad, Mr. O. Azuma of blessed memory, my family and friends like Dr. K.C Obioha and my uncle and the wife Mr. and Mrs. Ebere Kalu for their material and financial support. I also thank my brother, Professor Vincent Okore, the Vice Chancellor of Caritas University Enugu and colleagues in the department of chemistry, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri in Imo State, finally I thank Prentice Hall for their Hosting services .